Happy New Year!


Happy 2014!  I’m excited about this year.  I’m hoping to improve myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Here are some of my New Year’s resolutions:

     ◊  Open an online store and stock if full of amazing jewelry made from gemstones and RPG dice.

     ◊  Continue running.  Gotta break a 10 minute mile!  (I know, I know.)

     ◊  Learn how to take better photos with my new camera.  (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

     ◊  Travel back to LA to visit Hubs’ folks.  Maybe we could attend Anime Expo while we’re out there.  /grin

     ◊  Try hard to be more patient, and in turn more gentle, understanding, and kind.

     ◊  Overcome some of my fears.

     ◊  Be a better friend.

     ◊  Read more books.  On the list this year: The Deathly Hallows; The Eye of the World; The Fellowship of the Ring; the rest of the Divergent series; and Désirée, which I’ve had for years but never finished.  Please wish me luck on my quest to finish Eye of the World.  I’ve gotten halfway through it twice.

     ◊  I have a couple of goals to complete in World of Warcraft: Get the Loremaster title and run Tempest Keep every week until I get the Ashes of Al’ar phoenix mount.  Anara’nel belore!

     ◊ Master driving a stick shift.

     ◊  Become (/gulp) a morning person.  This is pretty much the opposite of my ideal schedule.

     ◊  Learn to make good pasta and bread.

     ◊  Grow as a blogger by photographing more recipes, posting more often, and getting out of the house more with my camera.

Calling myself a blogger feels weird.

I hope our 2014s are wonderful!

Image courtesy of Comrade Foot a.k.a. Jens Rost