Contact Me

I would love to hear from you! It would probably make my day. The best ways to reach me are through my email at or by using this handy-dandy Contact Form. If you want to chat, you can find me on my Discord server here.

You can also like me on Facebook (eventually) and follow me on Pinterest. I can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Many of these are, like my blog, works in progress.

Do you play World of Warcraft? Ohmygosh, me too! I love talking about WoW, and I’d appreciate hearing from you in game. I would be super /excited to have you on my friends list (Val#1480) or in my guild, Click. We are an Alliance guild on the server Draenor. Just whisper anyone in the guild for an invite (or send me a note on my blog or through in-game mail).

I also run a Minecraft server! So far it’s only open to friends and family, and we’re a very small, close-knit group. Tanglewood is a network server with minigames, PvE survival, Skyblock, creative, and a separate modded server using a custom modpack. We are in the process of developing an RPG server and a Factions world, and reopening our old Plotworld. You can visit our website here if you’d like to join our MC family.

Oh, and some day soon I’d like to start regularly streaming on Twitch. You can find my stream here.