Hello, and welcome to my planet!

yourstrulyCharacter Name:  Val Rossen

Race:  Human

Class:  Graphic Designer

Level:  60

Skills and interests:  Cooking, jewelcrafting, eating ramen, quoting movies, computer building, photo editing, cosplay, sports, reading, running, anime, interior design, fashion, drawing, singing, comics, swimming, gaming

Learning:  SUP, surfing, skimboarding, harmonica, Spanish, aviation, guitar, patience

Character Info:  Val Rossen was destined to be a geek since birth.  Raised by a nuclear engineer and a linguist, she displayed an affinity for art, computers, and animals.  After reaching adulthood, she got a degree in graphic design and married her nerdy equal in 2010.  She has always loved food and found great enjoyment in cooking.  She currently lives in Orlando, after moving there from Los Angeles, where she hopes to someday return.  She has been playing World of Warcraft since 2006, and has always played a druid.  Her oddest jobs have included tire mechanic, librarian, painter’s model, attractions hostess at Walt Disney World, and volunteer zookeeper.